Here is a bit of additional information about our venue for the reunion. This photo is a birds eye view of the winery (google maps).

The area clouded in blue is our event private area. The yellow shows how you enter from the parking lots. As you first enter to the left of the walkway is the main area of the winery. The green circled area is a large outdoor patio at the back of the winery and stage where Lorimar puts on public events. 

Once you pass the main winery to the right of the fountain you walk  under a trellis and to the path with grape vines on earthier side to enter our private event area.


When you enter our private area you will see to your left the large area covered by netting and lighting. It will be set with tables on the grass for dining and at the far end is a small stage. And just slightly to the right of that area is the bar with a fireplace adjacent.


If you continue on the walkway to the left is another grassy area where folks can mingle and at the end of the path is a gazebo.

At the gazebo we will have a photo booth set up with the natural valley as a spectacular  backdrop. After your photo booth picture you will be able to text it or email it to yourself right there, so you can share right away.